About Us

Printers. Let’s be honest, there’s plenty of us about, so, as a customer, how do you begin to choose?

Is it all about the price? Yes, of course, sometimes. Or, perhaps it’s an experienced staff, technical know how and expertise that could tip the balance. We were as curious as the next to know your reasons, so we simply asked our new customers just why they chose and trust Barden Print. Here’s what they said: In almost every case, their response could be summarised in just one word. Reputation. And that’s not a bad place to start.

Put simply, Barden Print is one of, if not the most trusted, established and well respected names in print & design in Huddersfield. We were established in 1966 - way before the words digital and photoshop had even been invented. These were the days of Letterpress and halftone photographs, and where a Mac was still something you wore to keep your suit dry.

But those early years taught us well. We learned to value every single job, no matter how small and with each new challenge we grew more and more responsive, adaptive and ever keen to deliver a great job. We were growing and our reputation was growing with us.

Fifty years later and we still have a brilliant team of experts who know the print business inside out. Our continued investment in new printing technology means that we are perfectly placed to handle both litho and digital projects - large and small - and work alongside our customers to produce outstanding results; on time and on budget. We think it speaks volumes about our reputation that some of our customers are still with us after half a century.